you have an idea…

Can it be done, how much it will cost, how long it will take…
We want to get to know you. Your goals, your lifestyle, your schedule, your budget, everything. When we’re a good fit, you’ll leave with clear expectations from us. When we find what’s important to you, we move forward with a holistic approach to the project and home.

Contact us

Fill out the contact form, email us at info@SwissRemodeling.com, or give us a call at 614.664.9660. We will answer any questions you may have and connect you with a design consultant and schedule a meeting in your home.


A Design Consultant will introduce you to our company, answer any additional questions, and take a look at your space. As we listen to you communicate your goals, we will be able to evaluate realistic budget expectations, timeframes, and solutions for space. Our consultant may be able to offer a range for common design situations or may determine an appropriate design fee based on the projected scope of design work.

Our role here is to act as your personal construction consultant. Collaborating with you, the designer, and the architect helps hone-in on the project scope, schedule, and of course budget. Dial-in the perfect design for your project. This process is all about the details and will leave you with an in-depth understanding of exactly what you should expect through the process, from pre-construction to your move in. Once you’ve decided to move forward, we will take detailed measurements of your home and begin designing an accurate plan. We will create a custom visual solution for you, which may include options for you to choose the best components for your home.

An important component to keep in mind, while we will work with you on the selection of materials, fixtures/finishes, we are not tethered to any specific brand or type of products. We will choose collaboratively, the finishes that match your requirements, without exception!

Design presentation & agreement

During your design presentation, you will be able to see custom plans designed to address your goals and wishes. Floor plans, elevations, and digital renderings will help you visualize and understand your new space, while the specifications will provide a complete cost analysis of the proposed plan. Your designer may have examples of materials that have been specified for your project. We will make any necessary revisions to the plans and/or specifications based on your feedback.

Once final changes have been approved and you approve the plan, we move into a construction agreement. This agreement maps out the timeline, payment schedule, approved specifications, drawings and final budget for the project.


With selections complete, materials ordered, and permits approved, we can begin construction and start to turn your plans into a reality. You will receive a schedule of what will be happening in your home, as well as a detailed timeline for the project.

Your design consultant and project manager will be there for you every step of the way to oversee your project through its completion. We will work with you to provide realistic expectations throughout the project and invite you to be a part of weekly meetings, regular job site visits, and you can always log into your personalized app and check-in. We provide daily updates to the project, available anytime with our BuilderTrend™ software.

Equal to outstanding quality, clear communication is our top priority.